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Welding Students shine bright in Lawrence County

"It looks like a simple star, made of metal and a welding rod. But it’s so much more. It’s a group of teenagers working together, calculating angles, double (and triple!) checking measurements, failing, discovering the mistakes, and starting again. This project is more than bringing back a tradition. This project is Career and Technical Education. This project is why we do what we do."

-Director Amy Redman


Mr. McCart and his students at the North Lawrence Career Center have been busy! Check out this 20 foot star that is now decorated with 1,000 lights and sitting high above the downtown square atop the Lawrence County Courthouse. A press release about the star and the many wonderful volunteers that brought a 62 year old tradition back to life will be issued Monday, November 28, 2022. Plan to attend the official lighting before the Christmas parade on December 3, 2022.