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North Lawrence Community Schools, in collaboration with the community, provides a learning environment rich with diverse, contemporary technology that integrates with the curriculum and augments learner goals and Indiana Proficiency expectations. Our mission is to use technology in a competency-based curriculum for pre-K through post-secondary education and to keep the staff trained in the use of new technology as it emerges, thereby providing the North Lawrence community with the opportunity to learn to use the technology in daily activities.

Our purpose in developing our technology planning template is to provide educators a guide to integrate technology into the curriculum through a structure that will allow us to interact from the classroom to the community, state, nation, and world.

Without question, we are at a critical junction in education in regard to how technology is used to enhance learning. We have come to realize that technology has the potential to change the processes of teaching and learning. If we are going to realize this potential, then we must be able to develop a vision for the use of technology in education which will carry us through the "Information Age" into the "Communication Age"

(Betts, 1994)
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