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Financial Information

Approximate percentages of the NLCS annual budget:
General Fund 73%
  • The general fund is the principle operating fund, with the major expenditures attributable to wages and fringe benefits. The primary sources of income to the General Fund are state tuition support and local levy. The local levy and rate are set by the state.
Debt Service 11%
  • This fund is used for lease payments and common school loans. Interest on temporary loans, when necessary, may also be paid from this fund. Sources of income for Debt Service are local taxation (local levy, financial institutional tax, excise tax) and ADA Flat Grant funds paid through the state.
Capital Projects 7%
  • Expenditures from this fund include: land acquisition and construction; professional services; building acquisition, construction, and improvement; rental of buildings, grounds, and equipment; purchase of mobile or fixed equipment; emergency allocations and repayment of emergency loans; and equipment maintenance. A three-year plan is published and approved each year, with some options for revisions each year. Revenue to the fund is local, including local levy, excise, and financial institution tax.
Transportation 9%
  • Expenditures from this fund are strictly of the transportation of children. Income is generated both through a state formula and local taxation which includes levy, excise tax, and financial institution tax.
Preschool 1%
  • Revenue to this fund is a small local levy with a determined amount per child from the state. Disbursements include wages, supplies, and equipment.
  • Grants are sought to supplement financial resources. The percentage of the total budget varies.
Note: These percentages are approximate and do vary slightly from year to year.
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