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All NLCS schools are fully accredited by the State of Indiana. In addition, Bedford-North Lawrence High School and the North Lawrence Career Center have attained NCA accreditation.

Pursuit of NCA accreditation at the elementary and middle school is a building-level decision. All areas of concentration are chosen for the purpose of providing the best possible educational opportunities for the students.

Academic competitions occur at upper elementary grades through high school. Contests in which NLCS students participate include Math Mania, Spell Bowl and Math Bowl.

Elementary:  Curriculum maps created by NLCS educators, aligned with Indiana State Standards, are utlized.  All elementary schools are serviced by specialists in art, music, physical education and speech. Band, choir and orchestra are offered beginning at grade 6.

Middle Schools: A core curriculum established in concert with the State Department of Education is required of all middle level students. Additionally, students can participate in a wide range of activities that promote growth and development of non-academic talent. The academic and non-academic courses and activities are designed to promote individual student growth within the wider school community.

High School: Approximately 1650 students, grades 9-12, enjoy a significant variety of academic and technology programs. Over 200 courses are offered, including one of the most extensive Advance College Project course curriculums within the state. Tech Prep, in tandem with the North Lawrence Career Center, prepares students for employment and/or advanced technical training.

School personnel attempt to provide optimum learning opportunities for young people by utilizing varied learning experiences. Computer technology enriches curriculum objectives.

The Morrow Observatory, at the BNL campus, houses 13 and 18 inch telescopes. For information as to hours, please call BNL at 812-279-9756.

North Lawrence Career Center

NLCC provides students an opportunity to develop skills which will qualify them for employment upon graduation or for related post-secondary education.  Programs are available which coincide with six of the Region Ten School to Career clusters.


The elementary buildings are equipped with library/media centers, computer labs, networked teacher computers, laser printers, smartboards and student computers in classrooms.

The Board of School Trustees has committed financially to the development of NLCS Technology infrastructure and hardware and to provision of educational software which will enhance instruction.

Three primary goals of NLCS technology use are: enhancement of curriculum; efficient communication; and improved productivity.

It is important to note that within NLCS technology is used as a tool to enable students to learn more effectively and efficiently. Instruction is enhanced, not determined, by software content.  

Parameters of use of technology, such as the Internet, are clearly defined by Corporation policy. Digital citizenship is cultivated and practiced.
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