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Parent/Community Partnership

NLCS personnel, parents, and the community at large are partners in the education of children. That partnership is most effective when there is frequent, constructive communication and cooperation. This is accomplished in NLCS primarily through these methods:
  • parent/teacher communication
  • PTO organizations
  • the Renaissance program.
Parent/Teacher Communication: Parent/teacher conferences at the end of the first grading period, mid-terms, and the usual reports of accomplishment; delivered at 9-week intervals are standard means of communication. Parents may respond to the reports by requesting a conference or more information. In addition, school newsletters are published at the first of each month, and a homework hotline is available in several buildings. Parents are encouraged to communicate with school personnel at any time during the school year. Appointments may be made through the school office. Each elementary school is served by its own PTO organization. These groups coordinate fund-raising, sponsor activities, and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information, constituting an invaluable resource to the students and staff of NLCS.

Renaissance: The goal of the Renaissance program at Bedford-North Lawrence High School is to recognize and reward positive behavior and accomplishments. Different tiers of privilege are achieved by excellence in attendance and grades. Contributions of time, money, and various rewards make this program possible.
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