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Returning Student Annual Registration

If your student completed the last school year at a NLCS school, you are considered a Returning Student even if you are attending a different NLCS school in the fall. For example, a student that finished 5th grade last school year at a NLCS elementary and is now starting school at a NLCS Middle School is considered a Returning Student.

If during online registration, you indicate a change in your student's address or are listing people who legally may not contact the student, those changes will not take effect until you schedule an appointment with the student's school to provide supporting documentation.

Username is your student’s school ID number (This can be found in Powerschool Parent Portal by your student's name.  It is a 7-digit number.)

Password is their birthday: Format Required: MM/DD/YYYY. (When you type the password follow the mm/dd/yyyy format – include the forward slashes, leading zeros, and make sure the year is all four numbers. For example, March 4, 2003 would be entered 03/04/2003)

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