About Our Departments

  • Special Education

    NLCS, working with Joint Services, endeavors to provide the Least Restrictive Environment for special-needs students. To this end, a continuum of programs and services is available and is implemented according to the Individual Education Plan (IEP) which is developed by the Case Conference Committee. Early intervention is available for eligible preschool children.

    Health Services

    Nurses are on staff and are available at all times for emergency assistance.

    Each year vision screening is provided for grades 1, 3, and 8. Scoliosis checks are provided for grades 5, 7, and 9. Speech and hearing clinicians are on staff through Joint Services. Referrals are accepted at any time.

    Food Service

    Nutritious morning and mid-day meals are prepared daily in each building. Students have the opportunity to enjoy breakfast prior to the beginning of the school day and have a short mid-day break. Reduced and free lunches are available to those who qualify.

    Transportation / Maintenance

    More than 4000 students are transported daily under the supervision of the NLCS Transportation Office (279-6322) on about 100 buses traveling in excess of 3000 miles. Maintenance of buildings and grounds is accomplished through the Maintenance Office (279-3976).

    Post-Secondary Opportunities and Financial Assistance

    Indiana University is only a 20-mile drive north of Bedford in nearby Bloomington.

    Indiana Vocational-Technical Institute is also located in Bloomington.

    Locally, Oakland City University/Bedford offers Associate and Bachelor degrees. The South Central Indiana Education Alliance provides classes for which credit may be earned at any of several nearby institutions.

    Financial assistance is provided to many graduating seniors through the NLCS Foundation. About 100 seniors receive a total of approximately $100,000 in awards. Most Foundation services are provided by volunteers.

    The office is operated independently from NLCS, but is located in the NLCS Administration Building, and may be reached by calling 812-275-1560.