• Enrollment Information
    Prospective new students* should begin the enrollment process by completing the "New Student Online Registration."  Once the enrollment information is complete, call the high school Registrar (812-279-9756) to schedule an appointment to finalize the enrollment and bring in supporting documentation. The custodial parent and/or guardian with whom the student resides must accompany the student for this appointment.

    The following documents are required for enrollment:

    • Proof of Residency (need any 2 of the following: driver’s license, utility bill, current bank check or rental/mortgage agreement)**
    • Birth Certificate
    • Immunizations (in most cases, the previous school is able to provide)
    • Guardianship papers (if applicable) to prove custody/guardianship
    • Previous school records (transcript, test scores etc.) The Registrar will request records from the previous school.

    Once the enrollment process is complete, the next step will be setting an appointment to meet the high school counselor for creating a schedule.


    * If you are viewing this page prior to the beginning of a school year and you meet one of the following, this page does not pertain to you.

    • Your child successfully completed the previous school year and will be in grades 10, 11, or 12.
    • Your child successfully completed the previous school year at Bedford Middle School, Oolitic Middle School, or Shawswick Middle School and will be in grade 9.

    ** Families who do not live in the NLCS district but wish for their child to attend BNL High School will need to complete a Transfer Form upon enrollment.