• North Lawrence’s Playful Pathways Community Preschool is dedicated to providing an environment rich with choices, opportunities, and experiences that inspire curiosity and a love of learning. Below are the guiding beliefs of our program.


    Our CENTER will:

    • Create caring and safe environments.

    • Embrace the joy of discovery.

    • Facilitate a love of learning.

    • Take time each day to create, move, sing, discuss, observe, read, and play.

    Our CHILDREN will:

    • Learn through open-ended play.

    • Explore nature.

    • Develop problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and self-expression.

    • Grow cognitively and intellectually as they face tasks, fail, succeed, master, and repeat.

    Our TEACHERS will:

    • Serve as facilitators for children learning.

    • Realize the importance of controlling the environment, not the little children in it.

    • Give children the freedom to laugh and play while being engaged in child-centered activities.

    • Ensure uninterrupted free time for exploration with open-ended, child-selected materials.

    • Provide outdoor playtime with both energetic activity and quiet contemplation.