• Welcome to the NLCS Communications Department!The mission of the North Lawrence Community Schools Office of Communications, the leader of school and community engagement, is to guarantee that each person connects to, engages with and supports NLCS through a network distinguished by trust, influential and evolving communications, and meaningful relationships.

  • "If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me at anytime. I want to always make myself available to be sure that every parent, student, staff member and community member have the information that they need. Just know that there is no perfect system or school out there, but at NLCS I personally make it my duty to strive for excellence. Perfection can never be achieved but we can try our very best to be as excellent as we possibly can!"

    -David Vanlandingham


    Visit www.nlcs.k12.in.us for all needs and information related to NLCS as a whole. Visit your student's school webpages for important dates and information related to your school.

NLCS Social Media Directory

  • Social media sites make it easy to get real-time updates, news, and information from schools and NLCS as a whole. Below is a list of all District and campus Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for parents, students, and community members to follow to stay connected:

      Facebook Twitter Instagram
    NLCS NLCS Facebook NLCS Twitter NLCS Instagram
    Empire Virtual NLCS Facebook    
    Oolitic School  NLCS Facebook     
     Lincoln Elementary NLCS Facebook     
    Needmore Elementary  NLCS Facebook    NLCS Instagram 
    Parkview Schools  NLCS Facebook    NLCS Instagram 
    Shawswick Elementary  NLCS Facebook    NLCS Instagram 
     Bedford Middle School NLCS Facebook     
     BNL High School NLCS Facebook  NLCS Twitter  NLCS Instagram 
     North Lawrence Career Center NLCS Facebook    NLCS Instagram 
     Playful Pathways NLCS Facebook    NLCS Instagram 
    Gateway Academy     NLCS Instagram
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