•  Academic and Student

    All Shawswick Middle School faculty and staff share a common goal for all students to learn, to develop a passion for learning, and to feel supported. Staff members will work to develop and foster genuine connections with students and also genuine, real-world connections to the curriculum in order to gain student buy-in and build that passion for learning. Additionally, staff will foster creativity and individualism in all students, encouraging students to learn new things in new ways.

    Students in all grades will also demonstrate increased proficiency of English/Language Arts skills.  Teachers will continue to use the District’s Rigorous Curriculum and Pacing Guide, and the Reading Streets curriculum as a resource to teach mastery of Indiana Academic Standards.  Increasing the Depth of Knowledge in the classroom while using formative assessments will allow teachers to make adjustments as the data indicates.

    This year, our staff will utilize PLC time as a time to learn, collaborate and improve our practice together. Some topics include writing formative assessments, identifying priority standards, creating rigor through questioning, Webb’s Depths of Knowledge, STEAM and project-based learning.

    Leadership Goal

    Administrators will conduct weekly walkthroughs and provide feedback to classroom teachers in an effort to improve classroom instruction and achieve school goals.  Walkthroughs and feedback will focus on DOK, rigor and effective practice in order to help support teachers in creating, developing and maintaining a rigorous learning environment.  

    Effective Instruction Goal

    Shawswick Middle School teachers will participate in monthly PLCs with colleagues in an effort to continue building their “teaching toolboxes” and learn new research-based methods that can be implemented in the classroom. In addition to identifying and focusing on priority standards, in alignment with the entire district, the school will also be digging into rigor and Webb’s Depths of Knowledge via intra-district and local professional learning opportunities.  

    In an effort to increase rigor in classrooms and ensure students are being challenged with rigorous tasks and higher level questioning, teachers will participate in PLCs and professional learning on these topics. Shawswick teachers are lifelong learners and are excited to continue to improve their practice. 

    Student Support Goal

    In order to meet the learning needs of all students, Shawswick Middle School teachers will meet frequently with grade-level and/or content area teams, administrators, and other colleagues.  This collaboration time will be data-focused and provide teachers with time to create, review and reflect on formative and summative assessments. Teachers will respond to data appropriately to ensure the needs of all students are met. These needs may be educational, behavioral, or emotional.


    Schoolwide Goals