• Shawswick Middle School’s vision of excellence moves beyond the classroom.  It is our belief that students should be educated holistically. Students need to be well-rounded in order to succeed and excel in today’s society.

    Academics, character education, kindness, and empathy are focused upon using a variety of methods at Shawswick Middle School. Anti-bullying lessons and kindness education are a large part of character building education at Shawswick and students are encouraged to display kindness and care for others at all times.

    Likewise, many outside sources have come together to make Shawswick a wonderful place for students.  A number of churches, Lions Club, PTO, high school cadet teachers and other community members contribute to serve our students and families, teaching them the importance of being a community. 

    All stakeholders of SMS work toward a common goal of meeting students’ individual needs so that all students are successful.  Our teachers use Response to Instruction and formative assessments to adapt their lesson plans in order to make sure every child succeeds.  Our intervention plans, data meetings, and focus on the student makes Shawswick Middle School a successful place for students to learn and grow academically, socially and emotionally.