• Safety First

    Nothing is more important than keeping students safe.

    BMS educators take time to consider practices that impact student safety. The BMS Safe School Committee continues to examine how we as a school can continue to meet the needs of students in a friendly, welcoming environment while implementing practices that ensure student safety.

    Listed below are some practices designed to improve student safety:


    All NLCS employees wear photo ID badges. Additionally, all visitors to the building (substitute teachers, parents, community members, etc.), will be expected to wear identification badges.

    Visitor Sign-In

    When visiting the BMS building, please be sure to report directly to the office immediately upon arrival. It is important that all visitors sign-in and receive a visitor badge. Even if you are a regular visitor, please sign-in each time.

    Student Sign-Out

    BMS requires that an authorized adult sign-out students. Adults may be asked to provide a photo ID when signing-out a student.

    Building Security

    During the school day, only two of BMS's entrance doors remain unlocked. All other doors will be exit only.