Home of the Fayetteville Lions

  • Fayetteville Elementary has a current enrollment of 170 students.  Our current building was constructed in 2007 with our former building being torn down after standing since the year 1936. We have 8 active classrooms, a library, computer lab, art and music room, gymnasium, speech and language room, four small group rooms, one large group instruction room, a resource classroom, cafeteria, counselor’s room, speech and language room and an office area including the nurse’s office, principal’s office, and a conference room.    Our school offers an after care program for families who work and we provide many extra-curricular activities for our students, which are described under the 'Activitie' tab of our website.  We have community partnerships with the nearby naval base, the local fire department, the local Lion’s Club, as well as other small businesses.  Our Fayetteville community is very invested in our school, our students, and our programming.Teachers use the “Reading Streets” curriculum in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.  The math curriculum is “My Math.”Our school uses a variety of assessments to track student progress towards mastery of the Indiana Academic Standards.  Students in grades K-5 are assessed using NWEA in both reading and math.  The NWEA is an adaptive assessment measuring growth and student understanding of a variety of literacy and math concepts and standards.  Weekly assessments are also administered using the adopted reading curriculum and teacher created assessments.  Formative and summative assessments, as well as progress monitoring tools, are used to track student growth toward mastery of skills or to determine any needed remediation.We invite you to join all that our school offers for students and families!