• Mitch Daniels Early Graduation Scholarship

    This scholarship is for students who graduate from a publicly supported high school at least one year early, after December 31, 2010. It pays $4,000 toward tuition and fees, and can be used at any SSACI eligible Indiana college.

    Who is eligible?

    A student who:

    • is a resident of Indiana by SSACI’s definition; and
    • attended a publicly supported high school on a full time equivalency basis and
    • had legal settlement in Indiana for at least the last two semesters before the student graduated; and
    • met at least the minimum requirements for graduation by the end of grade 11, including any summer courses completed by July 1 of that year of graduation, and
      • was awarded a high school diploma after Dec. 31, 2010; and
      • applies via the method specified by SSACI under “How to apply”; and
      • within five months of graduating from high school becomes a student in good standing at a SSACI approved college in a program leading to an Associate Degree (AD) or Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree (BS/BA).

    BNLHS acknowledges the above program and adds these stipulations:

    1. A student who graduates a year early will have an UNOFFICIAL class rank with the senior class, so as not to displace any cohort students.
    2. Any student who graduates in six semesters is expected to complete a minimum CORE 40 Diploma as set forth by the State of Indiana.
    3. Any student who plans to access the above scholarship must have the parent notify the BNLHS Counseling Department in writing by the end of the THIRD semester of high school so schedules and classes can be arranged for the student’s fifth and sixth semesters. These students must take the PSAT in grade 10 to qualify for National Merit awards, and must meet all testing and college admission requirements a year early.
    4. The BNLHS Novel Star Credit Recovery program cannot be used to achieve six-semester graduation.
    5. Students who graduate a year early may forfeit the opportunity to win awards through the North Lawrence Scholarship Program and various other scholarships. Also, they MAY not be eligible for direct admission to Indiana University, Purdue University, or other highly competitive colleges.

    For more information on the Mitch Daniels Early Graduation Scholarship please follow the link below. In addition to the requirements listed, students must also submit a letter of intent (to pursue this scholarship and graduate early) to the building principal by the end of the 10th grade year.