• NCAA Eligibility Information

    Student-athletes who have interest in participating in a Division I or Division II sport in college are strongly encouraged to start looking into the requirements for NCAA Eligibility in their sophomore year of high school. The first step of this process is registering as a student-athlete with the eligibility center. There is a fee required. Once the student has registered, we will send the high school transcript to the eligibility center. Below are a few points to remember when and after registering.

      • SAT/ACT scores will not be accepted on the high school transcript. This being said, the student can request through the Collegeboard to have their test scores sent directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center. The NCAA Code number is: 9999. The same code and procedure would also be required for ACT scores. (Remember upon registering for the SAT/ACT, a student can request scores at no additional cost to be sent to colleges or in this case to the NCAA using code 9999.)
      • Division III does not require registering on the NCAA Eligibility Center.
      • Division I and II determine initial-eligibility with a combination of Core Courses, Test Scores (ACT/SAT) and Core GPA. The NCAA Core course GPA is figured by only using the approved core courses you’ve taken in high school. Click here for a list of NCAA approved courses offered at BNLIMPORTANT NOTE: Your high school accumulative GPA is not automatically your NCAA Core course GPA.
      • A fee waiver request can be submitted upon registering for any student athlete who has used a waiver for the SAT and/or ACT. It is recommended the student inform their high school counselor after registering and submitting the fee waiver request. The high school monitors the administrative responsibilities involved when a student-athlete registers but is not automatically informed when a fee waiver request is submitted. Once we know the request has been submitted, we’ll go in and approve it for the student.

    Below are several links to help assist you in understanding the guidelines and eligibility requirements.

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