• Terms to Know

    INDIANA CORE 40 DIPLOMA — The diploma required for all students by the State of Indiana (unless a student participates in a formal Opt-Out process). The Core 40 is also the diploma required by the majority of public and private colleges and universities in Indiana.

    INDIANA CORE 40 DIPLOMA WITH ACADEMIC HONORS — The diploma recognizing the highest level of academic achievement. The Core 40 with Academic Honors requires additional academic preparation in World Languages, Fine Arts, Mathematics, and AP or dual-credit programs. This diploma is required for admission to Indiana University, Purdue, and several other universities.

    INDIANA CORE 40 DIPLOMA WITH TECHNICAL HONORS — The diploma recognizing Core 40 academic achievement as well as achievement in a career-technical program.

    OPT-OUT PROCESS — A process to allow a student to graduate with a General Diploma, rather than the Indiana Core 40 Diploma. For a student to graduate with a General Diploma a conference must be held with the student, parent and counselor present. During this conference a career plan based upon a General Diploma will be developed to maximize the student's potential for success after high school.

    DUAL CREDIT — The term given to courses in which high school students have the opportunity to earn both high school and transcripted college credits. Dual credit is offered by both state and independent colleges and universities. BNL offers dual credit through Indiana University and other post secondary schools.

    AP PROGRAM — AP (Advanced Placement) courses are high school courses designed by the College Board to offer students unique learning experiences that may help students succeed in college. Through AP exams a student may be able to earn college credit or placement in more advanced classes in college.

    ECA and ECA WAIVERS — Beginning with the class of 2012, all students will be required by the Indiana Department of Education to pass an End of Course Assessment Exam (ECA) in Algebra 1 and Sophomore English to be eligible for graduation. The North Lawrence School Board, in accordance with state guidelines, has developed a procedure to allow some students to graduate without passing the exams. This is called a waiver. More information on the waiver is available in the counseling office upon request.

    COLLEGE ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS — CORE 40 is the required diploma for entrance to the majority of four year universities in Indiana. Please note that I.U., Purdue, and numerous highly competitive universities require the Academic Honors Diploma for admission. Beginning in 2012, I.U. also requires all applicants to complete seven semesters of mathematics.

    SCHEDULING — All students are expected to carry a minimum of 12 credits.

    DROP AND ADD PERIOD — The first five days of each semester will be used to make necessary changes in students' schedules. Classes may be added to a student's schedule, provided that the periods are available and the sections to be added are not full. Schedules will be changed only for the following reasons:

    1. Failure in a pre-requisite course or one semester of a Math or a World Language
    2. Courses must be changed to ensure that graduation requirements are met
    3. Teacher and/or administrator recommendation based on past performance or test scores
    4. Recommendation by a student's prospective college or technical school
    5. Recommendation statement by the student's physician
    6. Students who need to schedule a lunch or study hall if none appears on their schedule

    Students who wish to change a class for any other reason must receive approval from the BNLHS Administration. Students should see their assigned counselor for details.

    CLASS RANK/VALEDICTORIAN POLICY — Student's class rank will be determined by their accumulated grade point average (GPA ). Students who have a GPA of 4.0 or greater will be ranked on each of the following scales: Accumulated GPA and Accumulated Grade Points. Students transferring to BNL with coursework from an accredited school recognized by the North Lawrence School Corporation will receive weighted grade points for only those courses that correspond to weighted classes offered by BNLHS.