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    Returning Student Registration is only for students returning to North Lawrence Community Schools. If you attended an NLCS School at the end of school last school year, you are considered a returning student even if you are going to a different NLCS school. Students that moved away last year before the end of school and are returning to an NLCS school this year are considered a new student. Please do not use the New Student Registration link to register a returning student or you will need to re-enter the information on this Returning Student Registration website.

    What is my Returning Student ID Number and Password?

    Username for the Returning Student Registration Gateway is the student’s Student ID Number used each year to register. 

    If you are not sure what this number is, your student will know this number as their seven-digit lunch number for the cafeteria and the number used to log in to their Chromebook. This seven-digit number can also be found in your Parent Portal. 

    The Password required is the Date of Birth in mm/dd/yyyy format of your returning student being registered. For example, if the student’s birthday is January 9, 2005 enter 01/09/2005 including slashes. 

    Where do I find my Student’s ID inside of the Parent Portal?

    1. Click on the following website: https://nlcsk12.powerschool.com/public/home.html

    2. Login to the Parent Portal

    At the top of the screen, your Students ID Number is the following number in parentheses at the top of the screen:  You do not include the parentheses during the returning student registration just the seven-digit number.

    Grades and Attendance: Mouse, Minnie L (1234567)


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Last Modified on February 28, 2022