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  • New Student Registration

    New Student Registration is only for new students to North Lawrence Community Schools. If you attended a NLCS School at the end of school last school year, you are considered a returning student even if you are going to a different NLCS school. Students that moved away last year before the end of school and are returning to a NLCS school this year are considered a new student. Please do not use the New Student Registration to register a returning student or you will need to re-enter the information on our Returning Student Registration website.   After you have completed the online portion of registration, you will need to bring the following with you to complete the enrollment process at the school your child will be attending.

    1. Birth Certificate

    2. Proof of address– one of the following

    • Valid driver's license or state photo ID card showing physical address of residence
    • Public assistance or social security issued within the past thirty (30) days showing physical address of residence
    • Deed to the home
    • Lease Agreement
    • Any other documentation within the past thirty (30) days deemed relevant by the school district indicating the physical address of residence (e.g. current utility bill, current credit card statement, rental receipt or current vehicle registration).

    3. Immunization status- one of the following if applicable:

    • Immunization Records - these are only required if the enrolling student is coming from outside the state of Indiana
    • Written statement by a physician stating that the physical condition of the child warrants medical exemption from immunizations.
    • Written statement signed by parent/guardian that the child's religious denomination opposes tests and immunizations.

    Other Documents

    School staff may ask for any of the following when appropriate.

    • Custodial/Guardianship Agreement
    • Power of Attorney documentation
    • Active Protective Order
    • Student SSN – for high school students on 21st Century scholar track

    You must call your child’s school to make an appointment to complete the enrollment process.  Your child will not be enrolled until you have completed both online registration and met with the registrar at your child’s school.

    Please click on New Student Registration below to begin the online portion for enrolling a new student.

  • New Student Registration

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Last Modified on July 22, 2020