Dual Credit Transcript information

  • Ivy Tech 

     Students can either order an official transcript through their MyIvy account or through the National Student Clearinghouse. Please see below for directions. We recommend students check their unofficial transcript in MyIvy prior to paying the $5 fee just to be sure all of their final grades have been posted.


    1. myivy.ivytech.edu
      1. Select the Student tab, then Course Info from the drop down. Then select either Unofficial Transcripts or Request Official Transcripts.

          2. Ivy Tech transcript flyer

    University of Southern Indiana

    Digital Transcript Request & Unofficial Transcript Access Directions

    1. Go to www.usi.edu
    2. Click on the myUSI link in the upper right corner of the page
    3. Log in (account activation directions available here)
    4. Select the blue 'Self Service' folder icon on the left side of the screen
    5. From the main menu screen select 'Student Records'
    6. Select 'Unofficial Transcript'
    7. Click 'Submit' (you do not need to select anything from the drop down menus)
    8. Print this record for orientation advising and class registration

    From the same 'Student' screen where you accessed 'unofficial transcript,' select 

    'Request Official Transcript'

    1. Complete the official transcript order.


    *Note that in order to be deemed official, this transcript must be sent directly from USI to the institution (USI bound students do not need to request an official transcript for USI credit). If sending an electronic

    transcript, you will need to have the necessary email address on hand for the transcript form. This email address can often be found by searching 'transfer credit' on your school's website or by calling the appropriate transfer credit office. 

    Recently, the CAP Office worked with both the USI Bursar and the Registrar’s Offices to implement a new transcript hold for CAP students.

    When did this go into effect?

    Current or past CAP students whose accounts showed an outstanding balance of $1 or more had a transcript hold activated in late March 2021. Moving forward, transcript holds will be put on CAP students’ accounts if their tuition is not paid on time. In general, the deadline to pay tuition for fall and yearlong courses is October 25, and the deadline to pay for spring courses is March 25.

    What does a transcript hold do?

    1. For a student who owes more than $1 but less than $250, the account will have a transcript hold put on it. A transcript hold means the student cannot send an official USI transcript to another college or university to begin the process of transferring their credits. The student can, however, register for additional CAP courses. This will be helpful for students who are taking a fall/spring course sequence, like Spanish 203/204 or History 101/102; if fall tuition is still outstanding in January, it won’t prevent registration as long as the balance is below $250.
    2. For a student who owes $250 or more, the account will continue to have a bursar hold put on it, which has long been the case. A bursar’s hold prevents registration in additional coursework, and it also prevents the student from requesting an official transcript. This hold is helpful in assuring that students don’t accrue balances larger than $250.

     What happens to these holds when a student matriculates to USI?

    During the new student orientation process, incoming students with a transcript hold will not experience any ill effects. As you’re aware, incoming USI students do not have to send an official USI transcript to facilitate transfer of CAP credits; the credits are already in our system and ready to be used. However, any incoming students with a bursar hold (balance of $250 or more) are made aware of their outstanding financial obligations to the University. Students with bursar’s holds must resolve their outstanding balances in order to register in coursework as a degree-seeking student.

    How does this impact students eligible for free or reduced lunch?

    Students eligible for the National School Lunch Program, and verified as such by the district or corporation, do not get charged tuition for CAP courses. Therefore these students won’t have a transcript hold put on their accounts.


    Indiana University

    Current and recent ACP students who have created an IU login, may request transcripts online via One.IU:

    • Log in to www.one.iu.edu with IU username/passphrase
    • Use the Search bar to search ACP
    • Select the Advance College Project (ACP) Task Center task tile
    • I recommend students first select the View Unofficial Transcript task tile to review their transcript before making their official request.
    • Return to the task center and select eTranscript Request (recent students)
    • Follow instructions and submit.

    Students who failed to create the IU login, or, who don’t remember their login information may request transcripts online by first creating and submitting a signature request. To do so:

    • Go to https://transcript.iu.edu
    • Gather the appropriate information as detailed on this web page
    • Go to the next page of the site and select the second option which mentions ACP and dual credit.
    • Follow instructions and submit.

    Vincennes University

    If you are a current student or were enrolled in the most recent academic year, you should review your unofficial transcript on your MyVU student portal before ordering to verify that all final grades and degrees have been recorded and will appear on your official transcript. All reorders will be at the student’s expense.

    Official transcripts ordered online cannot be held for degree posting, change of grades, or current grades.  Most final degrees are posted to your transcript within 30 days of the end of the semester.

    There is a $5 charge (per transcript) for this transcript request method. Transcripts will not be released until all University obligations have been met.  Official transcripts can be delivered electronically in as little as 15 minutes from when you place your order. This ordering method allows official transcripts to be sent electronically, by mail, or to be held for pick-up at the Registrar's Office. * Any non-electronic transcript issued directly to the student will be stamped "issued to student" and will be considered unofficial.

    *Please note that electronic PDF delivery is not available to students who attended Vincennes University prior to 1985.

    Please be sure the following items are complete to ensure transcript delivery expediency and accuracy:

    You have no University holds
    You have no outstanding financial obligations
    Your Final Grades have been posted (if not, an IP grade will display on your transcript)

    Order Transcript

    Unofficial Transcripts

    Current students may view and print an unofficial transcript from their myVU account.

    Please Note: To receive a copy of your official transcript, you must complete and sign any required forms, pay any associated transcript fee(s), and satisfy all financial obligations to the University. If you have any past balance due with any of these offices, there will be a "hold" on your record and we will not be able to issue your transcript. The university does not accept telephone requests for transcripts. It is a violation of the law to release a transcript without the student's documented authorization. For more information, please visit the US Department of Education FERPA site.

    Contact Information:  Phone: 812-888-4220  Fax: 812-888-4380   Email: records@vinu.edu

    For more information on the Core Transfer Library and a listing of current CTL courses, go to www.transferin.net.