• NLCS TimeClock Plus

  • MobileClock App Setup Guide North Lawrence Community Schools (302100)

    1. Download Timeclock Plus V7 MobileClock App to your smartphone device
    2. The App will prompt a message > hit “next”
    3. Select Desired Scheme > https
    4. Enter in Host: 302100.tcplusondemand.com
    5. Keep Port #: “443”
    6. Enter in Namespace: 302100. Next, you will find a Company Selection List
    7. Select your Company: “North Lawrence Community Schools 1”
    8. Employee will now be able to enter their Individual Employee ID

    Trouble Shooting/Most Common Mistake:

    You may get an error after step 4. This is most commonly due to entering in the Host incorrectly. Double-check what you have entered. If you have misspelled the Host, then you will get an error message that
    reads: “ERROR: Unable to establish a connection with server https://302100.tcplus.........”